Above the city line,

we have grown our garden of dreams inside a gorgeous ORGANIKA's Glasshouse
between the Sky and the Earth. Take a journey thought the world of scents,
through green leaves and the timeless beauty.

With our passion and inspiration,
we aim to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to the Bangkok crowd
in a comfortable and friendly yet luxurious ambience.

Each of our creation reflects the unique Scented Blends with its own special fragrance,
as do flowers, fruit and spices.

Nothing compares to a touch of these fragrances
when a master blender is inspired to combine all these subtle elements.

“ I believe that nature is a fundamentally linked to our human spirituality.
And it’s important to remember that nature has the power to heal mankind, that’s why all products and services under ORGANIKA Brand are natural organic.”

Said Ms. Sririta Jensen, Founder & Managing Director of Organika House Co., Ltd.

tea Party

Organika All Day High Tea Set

A Fine selection of Tea or Coffee
(Served hot or iced)

Ham Cheese Croissant, Scone, English Biscuits, Financier, Lemon Muse, Panna cotta, Chocolate Cake and Organic Fruits

For 2 people: 1,250 THB per set / with Chandon Brut: 2,550 THB
For 3 people: 1,700 THB per set / with Chandon Brut: 3,050 THB

Time for Tea

Find your Scents

295 THB per pot

Memoirs of Sunrise

Dried Apple, Roselle, Lemongrass, Dried Orange & Dried Peach

Lost in Neverland

Lemongrass, Peppermint, Camomile, Sunflower & Linden Flower

Secret Rose Garden

Pure Rose

Organic English Breakfast

Assam Tea & Ceylon Tea

Organic Earl Grey

Green Tea & Bergamot

Organic Green Tea

Pure Green Tea

Kisses of Jasmine

Jasmine Rice Tea

Into the Woods

Bamboo Leaves, White Jasmine, Pink Rose & Cornflower Blue

Ocean of Dreams

Lime Berry, Spearmint, Cornflower White & Snow Sugar Flake

Art of Coffee

Wake up & smell the coffee


120 THB


120 THB


145 THB

Café Latte

145 THB


145 THB


155 THB

Matcha Green Tea

180 THB


180 THB


180 THB

Ice Macha Almond

180 THB

Hot Drip Coffee

180 THB

Cold Drip Coffee

180 THB

Ole Coffee

180 THB

*Coffee-Decaf (same price)*

Organika Signature

Ignite excitement & new stories

Royal Balancing OrganikaCoffee

380 THB

Iced matcha Espresso

245 THB

Almond Caramel Macchiato
(Served Hot or Iced)

180 THB

Chocolate Lavender & Mashmallow
(Served Hot or Iced)

245 THB

Old Fashioned Dark Chocolate
(Served Hot or Iced)

190 THB

liqueur COFFEE

Happiness in a cup


295 THB

Espresso Martini

255 THB

Cold Pressed detox juices

of the day

Green Detox

180 THB

Apple, Cucumber, Spinach & Cerary

Orange Detox

180 THB

Orange, Passion Fruit & Carrot

Red Detox

180 THB

Beetroot, Passion Fruit & Lemon

Fresh Juices

of the day

Fresh Lime Juice

120 THB

Fresh Lemonade

155 THB

Fresh Apple Juice

155 THB

Fresh Orange Juice

170 THB

Fresh Carrot Juice

170 THB

Fresh Passion Fruit Juice

170 THB

Fresh Beetroot Juice

180 THB


of the day

Banana Vanilla

245 THB

Banana Choco

245 THB

Chocolate Lavender &

255 THB

Mango Passion

245 THB

Berries Beetroot

255 THB


Begin your new fresh day

Lavender Passion Tuna Salad

325 THB

Roquette, Green Oak, Passion Fruits, Onions,Olives, Cherry Tomatoes, Tuna & Honey

Caesar Salad

285 THB

Lettuce & Croutons dressed with Parmesan Cheese, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil & Egg (add chicken +80 THB)

ORGANIKA Rocket Salad

280 THB

Organic Chingmai peach salad, Balsamic dressing , Beetroot puree, Blue cheese, Caramel nuts

Quinoa Shukshuka

380 THB

Homemade Tomato Sauce, Baked Egg, Chili, Garlic, Italian Parsley & Whole Wheat French Bread

Mushroom Truffle Soup

280 THB

Fresh Shiitaki mushroom soup in fused with black truffle and with mushroom ravioli


All day brunch

Ham & Cheese Crêpe

280 THB

Crêpe with Ham & Cheese and Lemon-Herb Sour Cream

Smoked Salmon Crêpe

295 THB

Crêpe with Smoked Salmon and Lemon-Herb Sour Cream

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

325 THB

Croissants topped with Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs and Hollandaise Sauce

Club Sandwiched

385 THB

Toasted Whole Wheat Bread, Sliced Cooked Chicken, Lettuce & Chips

Pasta & risotto

Combination of magic & pasta

Pumpkin Barley Risotto

320 THB

Barley rice cooked with pumpkin to perfection, Garnish with spiced cumin chicken roll and parmesan chips

Chilled Angel Prawn

350 THB

Angel hair pasta tossed with seaweed and Yuzu dressing, garnish with salmon roe

Crab Pasta

450 THB

Tagliatelle pasta with jumbo crab & tomato sauce

Salmon Vodka

350 THB

Penne pasta sauteed with smoked salmon, tomato cream sauce

Seafood Pasta

450 THB

Spaghetti cooked to perfection, sautéed with tiger prawn, scallop in white wine and garlic tomato sauce

Capellini Crabmeat Mentaiko

450 THB

Angel hair pasta, crabmeat, Mentaiko & Nori seaweed

Spaghetti e salsiccia

350 THB

Spaghetti cooked to perfection, sautéed with herbs and Italian pork sausage

Main Dish

Fullfill your desire

Rosemary Chicken

350 THB

Roasted Chicken Breast with fresh rosemary herbs, served with roasted carrots and asparagus, truffle mashed potatoes, rosemary gravy

Snow Fish in Herbal Crust

400 THB

Oven roasted snow fish with fresh rosemary, thyme, tarragon herbs crumbs, served with baby carrot and asparagus, creamy potato & citrus sauce

Grilled Pork Chop

450 THB

Pork chop cooked to perfection served with mustard sauce, garnish with roasted potatoand salad

Beef Mushroom Gratin

450 THB

Pan roasted Australian beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon, topped with mushroom gratin with cheese, truffle potatoes and red wine sauce

Tuna Tataki

380 THB

Soyu marinated fresh tuna loin coated with black and white sesame, served with wasabi dressing, balsamic reduction


Always room for dessert

Strawberry Vanilla Crêpe

280 THB

Filled with Strawberries, Banana & Berries with Fresh Vanilla Cream & Raspberry Jam

Lemon Curd & Crêpe

280 THB

Lemon Curd with Berry Sauce, Honey Sprinkle, Icing Garnish & Lemon Glazes

Chocolate Fondue

310 THB

Cold Chocolate, Brownies, Mixed Nuts, Vanilla Cream, Berries & Mashmallow

Smoked Forest Dark Chocolate

310 THB

French Molten Chocolate Cake with Walnuts, Berries & Fresh Fruits

Chocolate Cake

280 THB

Fresh Chocolate with Whip Cream and Strawberries

Tropical Sunrise

315 THB

Organic Chia Seeds Yogurt Pudding, Fresh Fruits, Walnuts & Organic Granola

Vanilla Panna Cotta

295 THB

Filled with Strawberries, Banana and Berries with Fresh Vanilla Panna Cotta

Buttermilk Pancake

295 THB

Fluffy pancake with banana and fresh strawberry roes jam


340 THB

Mixed Berries, Seasonal Fruit, Fresh Vanilla Cream & Nuts

Whole Apple Crumble

350 THB

Baked Apples, Cinnamon, Berry Compote & Crisp Crumble

Love Affair

Cocktail & Dessert Pairing


395 THB

Rose Infused Gin, Orange liquer
Paired with
organic Panna Cotta
with topped passion fruit & Mix berries


395 THB

Caribbean Rum, Cold Pressed Organic Apple juice
Paired with
Organic Lemon mouse


395 THB

Bourbon Whiskey, Aromatic Orange bitter
Paired with
Bande’ tout Chocolate


395 THB

Frozen Sangria, Secret of Scent with red wine
Paired with
Organic mix Fruits


Memoirs of Sunrise

290 THB

Into the Woods

290 THB

Secret Rose Garden

290 THB



  • Moet Mini (200ml.) 1,100 THB
  • Moet Imperial (750ml.) 6,550 THB

Sparkling Wine

  • Chandon Brut 1,550 THB
  • Chandon Rose 1,650 THB

White Wine

  • Cape Mentelle Semillon Sauvignon 1,650 THB
  • Terrazas Reserva Chardonnay 2,500 THB
  • Cloudy Bay Chardonnay 3,500 THB

Red Wine

  • Cape Mentelle Carbernet Merlot 1,650 THB
  • Terrazas Reserva Melbec 2,500 THB

Wine by glass

White Wine

  • Cape Mentelle Semillon Sauvignon 350 THB

Red Wine

  • Cape Mentelle Carbernet Merlot 350 THB


Ketel One Vodka

250 THB

Tanqueray Gin

250 THB

Hendrick’s Gin

350 THB

Special Drink (mixed as you wish)

250-350 THB



120 THB


140 THB

All prices are not included 7% vat and 10% services charge

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