Memoirs of Sunrise

100% Natural Oil, Soy Bean & Magnolia Extract

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3.5 fl.oz / 100 ml.

Take a journey through the relaxing scents with our 100% Natural Soy Bean Milk Protein. Enrich and moisturize your skin with Organic Jojoba and Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Magnolia Extract- take bathing to a whole new spirit.

For Massage:
Put few drops of Organika Organic Milk Bath and Massage Oil direct on your skin and apply for massage for your relaxing.

For Milk Bath: 15-20 Drops of Organika Milk Bath and massage oil into your warm water. Soaking and enjoy our rich milk bath 10-15 minutes to help restore moisture to the skin.

For Skin: Apply our Organic Milk Bath and Massage Oil direct to your skin after shower everyday to help to keep moisture lasting long. For external use only.

SCENT – Memoirs of Sunrise
Passion Fruit, Orange, Lemon
The freshness of dawn purifies and renews the spirit and mind with enriched aroma therapy sourced 100% natural oil from Passion Fruit, Lemon, Orange and Tangerine. Experience the smell of a new beginning and rising of a new hope of a great new day.



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