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17 Mar 2017


Pure Essential Oil, Scents of Relaxation & Balance & Detox

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Product Description

3.5 fl.oz / 100 ml.

Organika Himalayan Bath Salt: helps remove dead skin cells, eliminate toxin and detox your skin. Gentle scrub when soaking skin cells fall of easily. Take a journey thought the relaxing scent of a true nature with pure natural essential oil. Will help you balance your mind, body and soul

Use amount of salt. Dissolved in water or plain warm water and soak body, hand, or feet about 10-15 minutes. Can using sponge or soft brush scrub. Wipe out with dry cloth, without water.

SCENT – Memoirs of Sunrise
Passion Fruit, Orange, Lemon
The freshness of dawn purifies and renews the spirit and mind with enriched aroma therapy sourced 100% natural oil from Passion Fruit, Lemon, Orange and Tangerine. Experience the smell of a new beginning and rising of a new hope of a great new day.

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