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At ORGANIKA, we believe in the extraordinary power of aroma. We explore thousands of organic ingredients and handpick the most unique blends to create a luxurious journey through the world of Scents.

5 Core Values of ORGANIKA

Passion for Creativity & Innovation

Passion for Product & Services excellence

Passion for Customer excellence

Passion fot the Social & Society

Passion for Best result in everything we do

Why Glass House ?

Glasshouse or Green house represents the perfect blend of nature and science and is a replica of the natural world where we can control the environment and temperature that is appropriate for each plant species. This also helps prevents any natural phenomena, from wind, rain, hail, snow and also from other animals or pests whether big nor small that can be harmful to the plants, without using at pesticides making the plants able to grow sustainably over time.

Why Magnolia ?

Magnolia, a type of flowering plant species that appeared before bees have been discovered in this world, its appearance is looks beautiful and soothing, but when you have a closer interaction you will notice that its petals are thick and tough to be able to survive through storms without hurting themselves only when the time comes the petals will fall. Moreover Magnolias have a lot of benefits especially in the extracts of Magnolia, which helps to moisturize and firms the skin and also improves elasticity to the skin cells that helps anti-aging plus stimulates the repair of skin cells and also consists of anti-bacteria substances that is found in all of our ORGANIKA products help reduces and eliminates acne and reduces irritation.

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